Daily Archive: February 3, 2017

DPS World School Greater Noida West – #Karate girl injured in school ‘training’, dies

GREATER NOIDA : As per the news report a seven-year-old student of Class II died after receiving head injuries allegedly during a karate session at DPS World School in Greater Noida West on Tuesday. The girl, Gazhal Yadav, was taken by the school to a private hospital in Greater Noida, where she died during treatment said report.

The Police response as reported has been lukewarm. Police had reportedly visited the school but when found closed..matter was not pursued further..Meanwhile father of Ghazal Yadav has stated that if managment failed to give satisfactory justification ..he will file FIR. Family has reportedly performed last rights..without post-martem.

School need to come clean on why this incident occurred at first place and why no FIR was lodged by the school when she was taken to Hospital.