Daily Archive: April 2, 2017

FONRWA DEMAND Encroachments free Noida.

Removal of Encroachment:-

For the removal of encroachment DGP informed that there is a need for identifying and demarcation of vendor zones and the parking zone’s. Which has to be done by the Noida Authority.

He requested Sh. P.K Agarwal ji Addl. CEO Noida Authority who was representing Noida Authority in the meeting to do the same at the earliest so that the police department will not be left with any excuse for the removal of encroachments.


FONRWA DEMAND the need for improved traffic management for Noida.

The need for improved traffic management:- For the same DGP informed that they have come up with an integrated traffic management system for major cities in U.P the same includes Noida also.

This integrated system will be implemented at the earliest in Noida.

DGP sir, also conveyed that the need for use of optimum utilisation of police force with the technological improvements as taken care in integrated traffic management will give us better results.


FONRWA DEMAND need for Digital Police Control Room in Noida

Need for Digital police control room in Noida: DGP informed that Digital police control room is in operation in Noida but citizens are not using it because they are not fully habitual to use it. There are about 65 vehicles of 100 number working under police control room in Noida itself.

The Digital control room in Noida is one of the best system in world. Public are advised to make it used fully. DGP also conveyed that the department has started the women helpline 1090 and is fully functional but they are not getting any calls as the people are not aware of the same.

He wished to use the platform to reach out to people for conveying the same.


DGP and IG Meet FONRWA Members On Noida Crime Issues

IG Ajay Anand and DGP Javeed Ahmad today met with FONRWA (Federation of Noida Resident Welfare Association) members. The meeting was organized to raise concerns about crime issues in Noida.

Mr. NP Singh, President FONRWA raised issue of Women Safety and increasing crime in Noida Region. He also requested to increase the number of police personals in the city.

DGP has assured to increase both male and female police personals in the city.
He also said that traffic signals would be made better and traffic police would be reprimanded to work better. DGP Javeed Ahmad also made it clear that any police officer of irrespective of rank would be strictly punished if found taking bribe.

IG Ajay Anand also said that CCTV camera’s will be installed in the city for strict vigilance.

आई जी अजय आनंद ने कहा की नोएडा के अंदर सी सी टीवी लगाने की जरुरुत है और साथ ही पुलिसकर्मि यों की संख्या भी बढ़नी चाहये।

आई जी अजय आनंद ने कहा की नोएडा के अंदर सी सी टीवी लगाने की जरुरुत है और साथ ही पुलिसकर्मियों की संख्या भी बढ़नी चाहये।