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9 April, 2017 13:31

परिन्दे बने हैं उड़ानो के लिये
बहाने बने हैं नादानों के लिए
है हक हुस्न को बेफ़वाई करे
फर्ज तो बने हैं दीवानो के लिये
कपिल कुमार

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Good Samaritan Noida Resident Helps Distressed German National

Ashish Kedia

Rajeev Goswami, a fitness instructor by profession helped a distressed German National while his way back from Panipat to Noida.

Benjamin, a German by Nationality, was attacked and robbed after he took a rickshaw ride from outside Chandni Chowk Metro Station.

He had cuts on his elbows and hands after being attacked by a blade by unidentified robbers.

Noida resident Rajeev spooted a bleeding Benjamin on road while he was driving in a car with his friend.
He immediately drove him to doctor and also informed the police.

Benjamin was discharged after first-aid. Police officials have appreciated the good Samaritan Rajeev for helping a foreign guest in the country.

In Every Election there is one Arvind Kejriwal

TenNewsNoida Group

We prepare ourselves to continue our efforts ceaselessly unless our goal is fulfilled.

On other side, u seem not to support Anna ji to continue efforts after his one failure only.

Right that Sri Kejriwal is a product,etc, but how many Kejriwals are the products of each election, has any body taken note of it?

Will u like to stop election process for that? Or like suggesting for some improvements?

OK, v may not like Lokpal, what better alternative system /Position should we advocate for those improvements Sri Anna is striving for ?. Any preparation /process in this regard?

We daily learn not to be discouraged by our failures for Good cause, then my dear ones I fail to understand your point of view for running away from Sri Anna’s efforts.

After all he seems to be a selfless personality.

Prof AS Arya NOIDA


Noida Paid musical tributes to Meena Kumari by immersing in her life story and songs

Saturday evening in Noida became melodious through an event organized by ‘Navratna Foundation’ and SVARPAN at Kribhco auditorium.

Titled ‘Dard Ankaha’ the event had a beautiful blend of music and storytelling.

Meena Kumari’s story was narrated at the event which was followed by poetic recitals and songs.

Not many know that Naaj was her pen-name and it was movie named ‘Alladin ka Chirag’ which gave her good enough money to purchase her first car.

Kamal Amrohi and Meena Kumari’s love story was also narrated at the event. The reason behind the fact that Meena Kumari’s left hand wasn’t ever visible in any movie after 1952 was also revealed.

The event was directed by Pawan Naidu. Swarjyoti and Stuti were the singers at the event.

Poetic recitals such as ‘Aagaj to hota hai, anzaam nahi hota’, ‘Chand Tanha hai aasma tanha’ ‘Yun tere ghar se diwaana’ were deeply appreciated by the audience.

When Meena Kumari shifts to Mehboob’s house, Kamal Farooqui visited her for last time and asked her to come along. Indeed she refused to meet her.

Gradually she became more and more dependent on Alcohol and lost lot of weight.

Meena Kumari’s life story is both fascinating, sad and interesting at the same time. There is a lot to learn and lot to ponder over.

The event brought back memories of that golden era and enthralled the audience till late evening.