Daily Archive: October 27, 2018

Government Senior Secondary School and Colleges in Noida & Greater Noida

By Rajiv Goyal
Sector 12

Hon’ble CM of UP in 2007-12 had provided 4 schools of national standards in noida & Greater Noida in the name of Balak and Balika Inter College where many poor students have benefited. It was our hope that considering overall increase of residents / villagers in GB Nagar, in every government, 4 such schools shall be constructed. Accordingly, 4 schools of 2012-17, and 4 schools of 2016-22 are to be constructed by 2022. Afterall, residents of this district, specially villagers, cannt be left into hands of private schools only.

Similarly, Authorities must also increase number of degree /post graduate colleges in both cities , affiliated with GBU , to provide education to atleast 10000 students of district who are dependent upon only DU.

I am hopeful that Authorities will give due consideration to education & healthcare need of district either by direct funding or by state / central funding or in PPP

Let this Deepawali bring back Indian traditions

By Rajiv Goyal,

Deepawali is soon to be celebrated by all of us. We all will worship Goddess of Wealth and Vishnu ji. Few things which would make difference in lives are suggested , if you find good, can be adopted on Deepawali

1. Use of kheel and batasa , mithai purchased from local halwai like Ladoo etc, fruits and dry fruits for Pujan in home and for distribution to nearer and dearer, maids & servants, security guards, poor children etc. In any case round circulation of Soan Papdi, Haldiram packs, Kurkure & Pepsi need to be completely stopped or banned.

2. If possible, even for one person, give new dress / sweater / jacket to maids & servants, security guards, sweepers, poor children etc. Dress for a person will not cost more than Rs 2000/- but it will bring lots of happiness to you.

3. Use Mitti Diya , placed safely, instead of too much of Chinese “ladi”. Poor people of our country will be more benefited

4. Use crackers without fail. Don’t take anything on pollution front to not fire crackers. However, limit use of such crackers in entire family to Rs 101/-. Afterall, we have to safeguard Hindu Dharam also.

5. Don’t miss out Govardhan Puja. Community Puja of Govardhan will bring lots of cheer in society. Cow owners shall also be happy.

6. Avoid costly gifts to nearer & dearer. Message and telephone should be first priority. This practice was limited to Kheel and Batasa which was pious and mandatory. But with lots of money in hand, costly gifts have eliminated them. This new practices brings disharmony in relationships at one hand and on other hands simply chokes all roads.

7. If satisfaction comes only by splurging money, best is to serve community with foods, clothes and education. Spend money on those who need it, may be poor relative , maids & servants or students from poor families.

8. If time spending is necessary , visit Old Age homes or child care homes or any such community places in nearby areas, many will be there to welcome you.