Daily Archive: December 4, 2018

Garbage Dumping And Burning To Come Under ‘Public Nuisance’ In Noida

Garbage dumping and burning is becoming a big problem these days for Noida people as well as authorities.

Keeping this issue in mind the district administration has decided to put the garbage dumping and burning into the ‘public nuisance’ and will start registering cases against those violating the rules of solid waste management, 2016.

This decision will let the violators being fined or imprisoned for up to six months. The administration took this decision after receiving a lot of complaints from the city over illegal garbage dumping and burning in open areas.

B N Singh, DM of the city said, “We will not be taking these violations lightly, and will prosecute the violators under Section 151 of IPC for public nuisance, whether they would be vendors appointed by authorities or garbage disposers of private residents.

The district administration held a meeting with officials of Noida Authorities, Greater Noida Authorities, Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India and representatives of UP Pollution Control Board.

The NGT has also sent a team for a survey in Noida and Greater Noida to review the status of garbage dumping and burning in the cities. The survey was conducted with the help of UP Pollution Control Board (UPPCB).

NMRC Plans To Have Special Kiosk And Timing For Cabs

NMRC is planning to identify pick up and drop points for e-rickshaws and will built prepaid booking kiosk for app-based taxis like Ola and Uber at the Aqua Line stations.

P D Upadhyay, executive director at NMRC, said “tenders for cab kiosk will be issued soon, similar to what we see in airports, if there is a facilitation booth at the metro station, those who prefer cabs and e-rickshaws over feeder bus services will be at ease”.

“We are working on a time limit when these cabs could be allowed to stand outside the metro stations because cabs were anyway queue up outside metro stations irrespective of a dedicated facility or not. The matter was discussed with the traffic police in a recent meeting”, he added.

This facility will help to ease the congestion around the metro stations if properly implemented.

बिल्डर की लापरवाही के कारण 140 परिवार अँधेर े में

बिल्डर की लापरवाही के कारण 140 परिवारों को हो रही है परेशानी। बिल्डर ने बिजली बिल के 22 लाख रूपये जमा नहीं किये हैं। जिसके चलते बिजली काटी गई है। बिल्डर की लापरवाही से 140 परिवारों को झेलनी पड़ रही हैं परेशानियां। नोएडा के सेक्टर-78 स्थित एसोटेक विंडसर कोर्ट सोसायटी का मामला।