Finally a performing arts College in Noida!

Learning music, dance or any other art formnot only soothes your inner being, but it has also been proven that people who systematically learn music have better strategizing and planning skills than other people. The world today is very competitive and every individual has to be active not only in academics or any one field but in all possible areas. Ishaan Music College has been established to promote and create just the right environment for anyone to learn art, music or dance.

IshaanCollege concentrates on a high level of culture for teaching, on the quality of teachers and on creating the perfect opportunity for everyone to learn, create and enjoy music. Very easy to follow instructions, as well as a supportive environment, which will take away all your apprehensions and will make you a performer,are provided here. Learning music nowadays is not just for inner happiness and discipline, but due to increasing opportunities on television and local live shows, it can also be taken up as a very respectable and rewarding profession. There is a reason whyall major schools compulsorily offer music classes.

Today, expertise only in academics is not enough and while not everyone needs to be expert, one needs to be at least active in one performing art or the other. What is necessary is to take the plunge with the right Guru. There is no age bar whatsoever to start learning anything. The effort is on, to develop a dance and music platform for all age groups and genders.Ishaan Music College aims at a professional attitude for training students in the field of Singing, Western Dance, Kathak and various instruments.
All teachers of the college are rich in expertise, performances and teaching methodologies. The institute endeavours to promote the message that music is for one and all. With the one-to-one attention provided here, anyone can become an ‘artist’. Equal stress is laid on learning and performing. For this, stage shows are organised every few months where each student is encouraged to participate.The faculty boasts some of the finest teachers and performers of our city and beyond. All students too exhibit the greatest ability, initiative and learning capability. Everyone joining any course is prepared to achieve notable success in all facets of the profession, including performance andeducation.

It is the only performing arts institute in Noida which has been allotted land by NOIDA Authority. The college is committed to create more opportunities for the upcoming singers, artists and musicians. To enrol or for any queries, feel free to contact 9015034746 any time.

·Only Recognised and Authorised Music School/ College in Noida
· School infrastructure with separate dedicated classrooms for each course

· UGC recognised diplomas

· Internal as well as external certified exams

· Transport facility to most sectors of Noida and adjoining areas

· One free trial class

· Regular stage shows within and outside the school

· One stop centre for most music, art and dance courses

· Full assistance in providing placement

· Guidelines for participating in reality shows etc