What can easily be noticed through past few days photos that dumping of garbage & piling up of the same is major issue brought forward by members and thankfully ACEO sahab is directing to take care to get matter resolved with the support of his team.

What I intend to say that this problem being perpetual would require permanent solution as keeping engaged Sr officer may result into over stressing to them.

In my locality I have seen that even very well off people refuse to hire sweeper’s service which is only @ 75/- per month and instead throwing garbages directly on road. Probably this must be happening at many locations.

Then how to resolve this issue. It’s also a matter of specialised services requiring contribution from all concerned, financial supports from government, when all services carry 0.5% swacch Bharat cess.

There is an urgent need to strengthen :
a. Vigilance upon them who are source to dump garbage & fine them including notices to such dwelling units. A team of 100 people vested with powers to fine or get arrested violators may be deployed to cover entire noida city. This team can be financially independent with money generated through fines. I hope strict follow ups & inspection can reduce this problem by 10-20% easily.

b. Promote solid & liquid waste management at dwelling unit itself. Fora plot of 250 mtr, cost is around Rs 50 K to convert entire garbage into manure. One can actually have Cost return by selling manures in 5 years of period.

c. Above 2 are very difficult to implement. However, Rs 2/- per mtr per month from each plot can be standard fee like water charges for deploying waste management services by appointing standard private companies.

d. Using waste management services and generate electricity to meet 5% demand of noida city only. VGF of Paisa 25 per unit of electricity generated may be required to fund. Ash can be used for making bricks. Probably, expert of this field can provide better solutions too.

Submitted for exploring better & permanent solutions, involving experts of this field. We have every chance to be cleanest city in India.