There is an urgent need to review existing power distribution infrastructure. Load density for which infra was constructed has increased almost to 5 times and would further increase with change of FSI and life style of people. ECFCxisting substation are of 2 x 10 MVA capacity and a design which is of old age technologies as prevalent that time.

As in Delhi or Surat; we need to have another 25 nos of 2 x 20 MVA or 3 x 16 MVA 33 /11 kV substations with GIS switchgears and to support these substation 220/ 33 kV GIS substation of 4 x 60 MVA at 8-10 sectors which would provide much desired contingency of N-2 level, as observed in international cities, where equipment loading is not more than 40% at any level. For such a 33/11 kV substation, land of almost 500 sqmt is required; some of existing 33/11 kV substation may be think of converting to 220 kV level with underground cables.

In some of the sectors, like sector 18; 33/0.4 KV distribution can be adopted as power requirement is too high.

Existing equipment like panels are required to be replaced by GIS kind of switchgear so that automation can be deployed. In a rough estimate atleast 800-1000 Cr of investment is needed to achieve such a level of power infra in next 2-3 years.

Views are personal based on experience in working in many utilities & USAID with no intentions of engagement in developing plan on pecuniary basis.