If we expect children’s pass percentage of 99, then why not polling 99% too.

By Rajiv Giyal

Voting is the right we have been given by Constitution of India, for which many died fighting with British, for which many fought over years, one which Sh T N Sheshan took so seriously to implement that this right is reached to crores of people in free & fair manner; a right which our DM has advised & requested to taken care so that tomorrow we don’t repent for the consequences.

Right or wrong, good or bad, it’s the time to chose & vote; in our interest, in our kids interest, in our parents interest, it’s for achieving success to maintain our head high.

Just a matter of thinking that we want our kids to get more than 99%, why should voting remain lesser than that, and a person with only 30% vote be in power.

Let’s do achieve 100% voting in Noida; so that one who gets minimum 51% votes is winner. Jai hind