Severe woes of sewers and drains in Sector 25 Noida


As a resident of sec25 , I would request you NOIDA OFFICERS to visit sec25 which is surrounded 3 sides by drains which are over flowing and sewar water is flowing into sectors and stinking and one side facing sec26 is crowded by e_ reckshaws , reckshaws, taxis, buses and building materials besides shops. This Encrochment is a pain since all drivers use the drain for getting ready for work. Beside the security risk the morning stink does not allow residents to come out from their flats and can’t go for a walk in the sector due to stink in other parts of the sector. I have brought together jes of sewar , health and civil work and discussed for hours and hours without any solution and for the past more than a year now the residents continue to suffer. The drains are full and stinking. I will request you sir to visit the sec. I shall be grateful and will be at your service. So is the case with sec 21 where oneside is occupied by statues and taxis, two sides by drains ( over flowing) and Encrochment on the last side. Please kindly visit and inform so that you could be shown the affected area.