After the state assembly win in the state of Uttar Pradesh , which was beyond expectation even by BJP leadership, everyone was having expectations of some unknown public face to be CM, however, the star of the man worked in his favour at such a young age, when a common man thinks about the arrangement of college fee for his first child, the one and only one , the fire, a writ unto himself, has been named, surprisingly, but with his own stamp only, as Chief Minister of largest populated state in India, yes, the name is Yogi Aditya Nath.

Whatever be the things & stories related to him, but U.P. in In advantage of not getting people like in Haryana & Maharastra who are dependent for every thing on people having powerful position at New Delhi. This man is of decisive nature and knows how to get his instructions complied when its needed for his wishes.

Probably Metro & highway may not be first choice but running administration should not be a challenge to him. He has yogi powers and would not be worrying about coming to Noida. While he would try to test religious impartiality, expenditure on one set of religion may not come so easily while ignoring the other side.

He might be in pressure to push Ram Temple at one hand and 2-3 major airports on other hand mainly at Gorakhpur/ Kushinagar, Jewar. Lucknow -Balia may still keep a pace with him on top with Sh Mourya as Dy CM. There may be another "NOIDA" in eastern Uttar Pradesh under development wave with the airport, highway, electricity & water which is abundantly available there with changes in law & order situation.

Sanskrit may gain now with Urdu not finding too much takers in state capital and other places in state. Notorious organisation producing items of terror & misguiding set of young educated children of age between 20-25 may find difficulty in operations in state and may need to relocate to other heavens like Bihar or Bengal for their misdeeds.

One good thing that atleast cows would survive for some few more years with Yogi ji in highest office of state but then girls may find it difficult to be adventurous at parks & on valentine day. Promotion of love Jehad with ulterior motives may reverse now to opposite genders with active support of people posted for the purpose at identified locations. However, there would also be a challenge that source of atrocities by goons in the garb of Hindu religion is contested with equal force as we had seen the cases of cow vigilantes across country.

The Modi wave is going to find a new colour in rallies in Uttar Pradesh with Yogi ji on dias. Age & health is with him, he is starting same journey 8 years ahead of Modi ji and anticipated polarisation of votes of minority under opposition would find equal & opposite polarisation among majority, sufficient enough to give Yogi ji way to New Delhi in 2022; subject to condition that economic growth is also given due consideration by him in the state.

Welcome to Yogi ji as CM with all the enthusiasm !!!