In Every Election there is one Arvind Kejriwal

TenNewsNoida Group

We prepare ourselves to continue our efforts ceaselessly unless our goal is fulfilled.

On other side, u seem not to support Anna ji to continue efforts after his one failure only.

Right that Sri Kejriwal is a product,etc, but how many Kejriwals are the products of each election, has any body taken note of it?

Will u like to stop election process for that? Or like suggesting for some improvements?

OK, v may not like Lokpal, what better alternative system /Position should we advocate for those improvements Sri Anna is striving for ?. Any preparation /process in this regard?

We daily learn not to be discouraged by our failures for Good cause, then my dear ones I fail to understand your point of view for running away from Sri Anna’s efforts.

After all he seems to be a selfless personality.

Prof AS Arya NOIDA