From being founded during emergency to Noida’s political jinx, 5 Noida facts on Foundation Day

Ashish Kedia TEN NEWS

(17/04/2017) Noida : Today is 41st foundation day of Noida and there couldn’t be a better occasion to explore city facts. So here are few things that every Noida resident should know about the city:

1. Noida is short form of New Okhla Industrial Development Authority which formally came into existence on April 17, 1976. Since then this day is celebrated as Noida foundation day. It was set-up on initiative of Sanjay Gandhi to deal with urbanization thrust in and around Delhi. It must be recalled that foundation of Noida happened during emergency period of 1975-77.

2. Noida has highest per capita income in whole of NCR region. Also Noida authority is one of the richest civic bodies in whole of the country.

3. Famous movie producer and founder of T-series label Gulshan Kumar started his venture in Music Industry by forming a Music production company in Noida. Other notable Bollywood personalities from Noida include Sonal Chauhan, Nimrat Kaur and Shiney Ahuja.

4. With over 50% of forest cover, Noida was declared the greenest city in India in 2015 by the then Chairman Rama Raman. No other city in India even comes close to mark of 50% in India, Delhi still struggles to reach 33% green cover mark.

5. Noida is also gripped with a superstition that whenever a Minister visits the city, he or she doesn’t returns back to power. The superstition has been going strong since past many years and many CM’s have been affected by it. Mayawati was the last CM to visit Noida in 2011 and she hasn’t returned back to power yet. Yogi Adityanath has however given indications that he might visit city shortly. The jinx continues or is overcome might only be known after next election in 2022.

So that was some amazing facts about Noida on its foundation day, let us today pledge to keep City clean and green.