Anuj Jain

Today i just came to Spice Mall, Noida due to some back problem, I am wearing a brace which has multiple metal plates to keep my back straight, when I entered the mall’s metal detector it failed to make any sound, after that Guard did thorough check with a hand held metal detector, which again did not made any noise, upon enquiry he told me that these equipments are not working from a long time, Now I wonder if some actual incident happens here, God forbid any terrorist or similar activity, these type of places which have heavy foot fall are such an easy pray for people with bad intentions, anyone can bring in any weapon and do anything, Requesting @⁨5 Noida Pol SSP Love Kumar⁩ to do a necessary random and thorough check of the equipment for safety of general public of all the malls and direct mall administration to ensure all their security and surveillance systems are working fine