Suggestion regarding sweeping services in sectors

Dear Sir

Just like electricity, water & gas; garbage clearing has also become a service to be availed by every dwelling unit.

Till now, NA is doing it from its own resources & funds probably some of the officers had vested interests in award of contracts. Generally, people are not able to get satisfied services though on complain & 3-4 reminders, contractor take up cleaning of garbages.

In my opinion, when something is done free for recurring expenses for maintenance works, following issues are bound to happen:
a. people, except few don’t appreciate it
b. Agency provider will not be able to sustain services for long time
c. As there is no fine, people chose to drop their garbages whereever they find place, they are not objected to.
d. The contractor would always like to keep things going on like it’s happening now, will never bring an alternative solution to problem.
d. Probably, contractor not paying to employees just only to provoke them to do strike. It helps to extract more money to nexus of contractor & officers.

However, what’s going on , is best known to you with your long experience.

My suggestion is on policy matter:
1. NA must issue licenses for "Cleaning Utility" to 4-5 companies, one each for designated area
2. Such licenses need to be for 15-20 yrs of time
3. NA to be JV partner for licenses for 30-40% equity
4. NA equity can be in the form of Land for garbage dumping, waste treatment, waste conversion & recycling of waste products.
5. A fixed fee on the basis of per sqft for each dwelling unit to be levied by NA, which is to be collected by licenses from each dwelling unit. Non payment may be punishable offence as well as levying cost onto plot.
6. Service Level Agreement to be defined for licensee to perform its duty.
7. Licensee need to be empowered to fine people who are littering or responsible for garbage dumping.
8. Licensee need to comply with labour laws.
9. People of licensee working on ground level need to be designated not as sweeper but as "Sanitation Foreman, Sanitation JE, Sanitation AE. With deployment of machines, licensee need to convert this work as engineering work rather a caste basis work, as done at airport etc. I understand a sanitation foreman must get minimum Rs 20000/- per month along with insurance, mediclaim & other facilities as being given in pvt sectors to its employees.

With this all stakeholders should be happy and NA can save crores for capital expenditures to improve upon amenities.

The proposal may be objected by many people stating some terms & conditions of lease agreement; but fact is that in today’s world, in Noida , we have only two choices — either pay & get services to save us & our children or see deteriorating services. Financially no authority can remain relevant by providing free services for long time.

Regards Rajiv Goyal / sec 12