A Delegation of RWA-51 met SHO -49 on 11-8-17 with the request to start police patrolling and immediate action to arrest the thief who run away from police costody of his police station.

Today 11-Aug-2017 at 9 :50 am our Children’s park guards caught 1 thief who stolen the 5 copper taps and jali of toilets of park with the help of his other friend.

The thief entered in the toilet through ventilater (roshan daan), the heights is approximately 7 feet, even then they manage to enter in the locked toilet and stolen the taps and other pericious/saleable things to kabadi.

Our security guards in the park saw them and manage to caught one of them. The second run away with stolen materials.

The guards informed me telephonically. I immediately called 100 no of police control room. The Police PCR came and took the thief him to the police station Sector-49. One of our guard also went to police station in the same PCR along with the thief to file/registered the FIR.

After 2 hours at 11:50 am the second thief came to the park again but the guards recognized him and caught him also.

Same process was repeated i.e I called the PCR again to take the another thief the PCR came took the second thief to police station Sector-49 and asked our one more guard to come to police station in the same PCR van.

Now I got a telephone call from one of our guard that thief’s are inside the room with the police officers and we have been asked to sit out side in the mean time one of the thief came out side and threatened us thatWe will kill both of the guards if FIR is registered. Immediately I telephone SHO and told him the position and version of our guard. I requested SHO to relive our guard and filed the FIR.

The SHO assured me that he is likely to reach police station and will take immediate urgent.

In the mean time I got another call from our guard that one of the thief managed to run away from police station and police is surching him.

I immediately informed all mater to S P City and requested him to take proper action in the matter as to what circumstances the thief run away from the police station.

S P City was kind enough to assure me for urgent and proper action.

Our guard have not been allowed to leave the police station and at present their is only one guard left in the park.


Sanjeev Kumar
General Secretary
RWA-51, Noida