Criminals killed a security guard in Sector-44 Noida, during dacoity.

The news nation channel of TV has reported that in C-block of Sector 44 Noida today at about 2:30 pm some criminals entered in a house under the pretext of plumber and they overpowered the ladies present in the house. In the mean time one of the lady press the speed dial phone to his son who over heard the entire episode, he immediately telephoned in his neighborhood.
There after some residents including a guard and one washerman, some other rushed towards that house. The Guard catch hold one of the criminal.

The criminal relieved his hand and fired on the guard. The guard injured and later on died in the kailash hospital as Bullet entered his chest. There after all the criminals Runaway in different directions. The criminal who fired was caught hold by another guard.

And they informed the police and handed over him to the police.

I along with Shri N P Singh Ji, President FONRWA visited the Sector-44 and discussed entire matter of four security with RWA of the sector.

Sh. N P Singh ji called the all Senior officers and requested them to increase the
Call the police officers Vir contacted on phone by Sri N P Singh Ji and they were requested to increase the security in the City so that such criminal acts are not repeated.

The senior officers of police assured for proper action in the matter.

The RWA of Sector-44 has given rupees one lakh to the family of the guard died in the incidence.
And rupees 10000/- reward to other guard who caught hold the criminal.

The Federation will take up the matter with the district authorities to give compensation to the family of the guard died in the incidence.

The area MLA Shri Pankaj Singh Ji will also be requested to visit the Sector-44 to review the security of the area.


Sanjeev kumar