Kartik Kunj Noida — Zhuggies menace on rise

Pics dated 08/09/2017. New jhuggies are rebuilding after demolushing drive by NA dated 07/05/2017 after lot of followup with a request to provide hygenic condition to nearby residents. Jhuggi clysters are increasing day by day, but no action taken by NA for the last 4 months. However, drive for removal of jhuggi clusters was stopped midway by NA, reasons best known to them.

Now, with a gr8 hope, I once again humble request to NA Managemt and MLA, Shri Pankaj ji to provide us hygenic conditions, so that our suffeeing for the last 10-12 can be over. Lot of pigs and animals are retained by jhuggi clusters.

Above place was marked as park as per NA map.


Kartik Kunj Society RWA
Plot D13
Sector 44