108 Emergency ambulance saved lakhs of life in 5 years.

On Monday district health department reviled the figures that 1.7 lakh people who were availed of the 108 emergency ambulance service of the district health department in the past five years. The 102 emergency ambulance service for pregnant women has assisted thousands in the past three years .

According to data released by health department, over 1.7 lakh people got benefited of emergency ambulance service.

The 108 emergency services was launched state-wide in UP on September 14, 2012, and 102 emergency service started on January 17, 2014 “The emergency services in Gautam Budh Nagar have set a record by assisting lakhs of distressed and injured people. The108 emergency ambulance service has been availed of by over

1.7 lakh people and thousands of pregnant women have been saved by the 108 ambulance,” Emergency Ambulance Services programme manager Rakesh Thakur said.

At present, there are nine ambulances of 108 emergency service and 17 ambulances of 102 emergency service. These services are available round-the clock and on all days of the year. Across the state, there are 3,756 ambulances of the 108 and 102 emergency services, which also maintain a nursing facility equipped with smart phones.

“The 108 ambulance service can be availed of in cases of emergency medical service, police action and fire service response. The 108 emergency services can also be used in case of police or fire emergency,” Dr Anurag Bhargav, chief medical officer of GB Nagar, said.