Top District officials will told dos & donts in India to foreign students.

A meeting is going to held on Wednesday with delegations of foreign students studying in various universities across the Gautam Budh Nagar with district administration. The idea behind the meeting is to help foreign students acclimatize with the Indian culture so they don’t have to face problems.

“We are holding this meeting to communicate with foreign students and the district administration. We want to hear their issues to ensure that the administration is always there if they want to reach out,” district magistrate BN Singh said.

Nationals from 72 countries are studying in eight universities across the district. Registrars of universities have been asked to ensure maximum participation in the meeting. Senior officials like the district magistrate, senior superintendent of police and others will be attending the meeting with students. Officials from the district administration and the police department are going to hear the problems faced by foreign students, such as like racial comments, language barrier, etc. Also, officials will be telling students about the dos and donts to avoid trouble or controversy.

And officials will guide them about how to behave in India as in many western countries showing affection in public is normal but in India this gesture is not been accepted and they should also be care full with their dressing style so the locals don’t have objection and clashes can be avoided. This will help them in the long run if they will stay in India.” GB Nagar additional district magistrate Kumar Vinit said.

According to officials, the usage and sale of banned drugs, like marijuana, and other such substances are matter of concern as it affects social environment of other students . Use of such substances by foreign students will also be discussed in the meeting.

“We are going to tell students that they should avoid using any psychotropic substances to have a safe stay in India. Students have been found using marijuana and we want to ensure this does not happen in again in future,” ADM said.