Authority directs: contractors to maintain durability of roads for 4 years.

The Noida authority had got strict against the road contractors as chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) Alok Tandon asked private contractors to ensure durability of roads they construct for four years, if they fails they will be penalised . The authority has decided to spend around ₹650 crore on various developmental works, including road resurfacing, in the financial year 2017-18. Tandon said that contractors ignore a road after laying/resurfacing it due to which motorists face problems.

Now, the private contractor is responsible for 4 years for the maintenance of roads he surfaced earlier it was for only two years and if he ignores the authority will take stern action, officials said.”

“The CEO has written to the chief engineer that the new directive should be communicated to all private contractors who are working with the Noida authority. The authority will save money that it spends on repair work. The authority will repair a road only every four years,” said Manmohan Mishra, financial controller of the Noida authority.

“All new road resurfacing projects will be governed by the new directive. Earlier, in most of the cases, a contractor used to repair and maintain roads only for two years after which the authority had to use its funds for repair work, “said Mishra.

The CEO also directed the chief engineer and other officials concerned to not dig up roads for laying service lines without proper coordination. He said that all departments must be involved to ensure that public property is not damaged.“There are cases in which roads are dug up to lay electricity or telephone wires but it is done without coordination among all departments concerned. As a result, public property gets damaged every time a new service line has to be laid,” an authority official said.