I am from Brahmananda Public School sector 20 Noida. There is a need to shut coz we are choking and coughing in our offices and classrooms. It’s like 100 cigarettes have been gutted outside each classroom. We are closing this Saturday though it was working earlier. We have issued instructions to all students especially with health problems aggravated with such conditions and given them a free will not to come. No shortage of attendance will be marked and schedules of activities have been postponed. There was a guideline on this group of Dos and donts, we have discussed with all classes and spoken of the entire problem with all. Yes the schools need to be closed atleast for 3 days. Not more. But if the problem is prevalent, the appropriate actions have to be taken. We are not waiting to make requests to any district administrations. The problems are staring right at our faces and we will not wait for requests and permissions. Our students and also our staff are our highest priorities and will act in accordance with the parents. If there is a mandate issued by authorities, it will be followed. Best Regards

Aditi Vats

No; it won’t be good enough. Let’s our kids learn to face situation with suitable measures and learn how to avoid this in future


Sir kids health should not be compromised under any circumstances, they will learn many things in due course of time, I strongly disagree with your views

Rajiv Goel

Mr Jain you have full right to have a different opinion, I respect your right.

Someone asked opinion in the matter, I gave my vote as "NO" stating reason of my choice. You will appreciate that I have no authority in making decision to close down schools.

In fact I am of opinion, that small kids that upto class 5, need not to be sent to big schools and Govt should make provisions to acknowledge their study at Grooming centres within one km of child house, may be in residential set up.