Not blinking traffic signals in Noida, inviting accidents

Yamuna authority had completed the audit of 16 builders project and two of the builders are asked for documents as a default is identified .Till end of this month authority ensured that they will complete all 28 builders project and the pending work of authority land audit.

In Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna authority area audit is done so that exact situation of builders can be estimated for this agency are appointed but work on that yet to be started.

In an investigation by Yamuna authority two builders are found defaulty for payments made by them. From one builders project 147 crore and from second 38 crore are spent. Now Authority is investigating whether this amount is used for projects or invested in other stuffs. Builders are asked to submit proper documents regarding this.

By doing audit authority is watching construction development, cost, number of bookings done in projects, amount collected and payment done to authority. And if any difference found in debit and credit then action will be taken against builder.