Last night saw a show of Padmavat Awesome movie : Dr Kcalpana Bhushan Noida @filmpadmaavat

Last night saw a show of Padmavat
Awesome movie

My father is a Brahmin & mother Rajput Kshatriya

Dint find anything objectionable, on the contrary the clan which put the country on fire was put on a pedestal of honor n prestige
The cliche of the aan baan shaan was the highlight of the film

If they are so ‘izzat’ oriented what happens to their mardaangi when in real life or even on screen cruel brutal rapes happen? Women girls are ‘manhandled’, beaten up or thrown acid at? Violence of every kind, every where to even children? What happens when a man or men physically mentally emotionally terrorise & torture a woman n put her to death? Then these people hide in their homes or silently walk with a lighted candle. Why dont they show their akrosh at such times?

Does the aan baan shaan belong only to one clan? Is it not about India and Indians? Cant we think of what the world must be thinking of us? Waise to Indians are always worried about log kya sochenge/ kahenge to abhi Q nhi yeh baat dimaag me aarhi?

The Rani committed Jauhar for her prestige & for the victory of her state, so where is that prestige now?

It was not only hooliganism for me but I felt for just a movie we lost out on oxygen for our future generation when tyres mobikes etc were burnt

Who is responsible?
Personally I felt the movie had Gorgeous sets extraordinaire acting wonderful direction such a holistic approach hair chilling yet mesmerising climax.

Last words, its just a movie.