Dr. Harshvardhan Inaugurates HPC ‘MIHIR’ at Medium Range Weather Forecast Centre in Noida!

Dr. Harshvardhan said, "On eighth I had the pleasure of inagurating the first Hight Performance Computing faculty at Ministry of Earth Sciences in Pune and today I am pleased to Inaugurates another one in Noida".

He also informed that with this facilities being Inaugurated now India will be among first 30 from being 368th in the world.

He further informed, "Ministry of Earth Sciences is reaching out to 24 million farmers through SMS and informing them about different agricultural aspects such as when to sow seeds, when to irrigate etc. Many farmers are getting greatly benefited through this".

He also said that 50K crore positive impact in India’s GDP is because of this information being shared with farmers.

Also department conveys relevant information to 4-5 Lakh fisherman through ocean studies. This information is broadcasted through SMS as well as other digital mediums being implied near different oceans.

Indian Cabinet has already approved national monsoon mission. In coming time the information through agro metrological centres will be available in all 640+ Districts through dedicated centres.