14000 dogs creating havoc in Noida

The stray dogs menace still continues in Noida . I have been given to understand there are around 14 , 000 of them across Noida . ( please correct me if I am wrong )

The issue is not in the intentions of the Noida authority or the Federations who are keenly monitoring it and guiding these agencies. It is the capability issue of the agency which have been engaged for executing this task .

1. I have personally witnessed twice, the operation of catching these stray dogs by the team engaged by the authority.

2. Majority of the time these people were not able to catch a single stray canine. I have witnessed this twice . Was with them for almost 1 hr each time.. It was NIL catch in our area where we have almost 50 stray dogs. .

3. The team is not properly equipped. They possibly still use the medieval era techniques. Experts need to be engaged .

4. They don’t carry any bait like bread or food to lure these canines .

5. If at all they catch a few , they don’t put identification marks so that after three days when the process of neutering is completed , they can be left back to where they belong .This leaves lot of frustration and discomfort in dog lovers of the region . Subsequently they stop cooperating when approached again .

Noida Authority should find better agencies and involve RWAs from sectors , identify RWA/ AOA representatives for feed back and creste check points for better execution .

Rajiva Singh
Noida Federation of Apartment owners Association