All departments of Noida Authority refused to take-up the maintenance of Public Toilets of Shimla park, sector-12, Noida.

Conditions of public toilets are pathetic in Noida. I (Sanjeev Kumar) General Secretary, RWA, Sector-51 Noida, request to top officers of Noida Authority from different departments to maintain the same when these have been constructed for public at large . I requested many times in past but no one take the responsibilities for cleaning of these public toilets, they directly refuse that cleaning and maintenance of toilets do not come in their duty/areas.

One set of such toiletes have been built in one corner of Shimla Park in F-1, block of sector -12, Noida (near to Shimla market F-1/ 10).

I spoke today and requested Mr. M K Bhardwaj, Project Engineer, work circle- 1, to take up the cleaning issue of public toilets in his monthly meeting as directed by CEO and Chairman of Noida authority but he has directly refused stating that this work is not related to work circle-I and he advised me to request Sh. R S Yadav ji, Senior project engineer health.

I requested Shri R S Yadav ji, Senior Project Engineer, health department, Noida Authority and Mr M C Mittal ji, Project Engineer, health department, Noida authority both the officers refused to take- up the cleaning work of public toilets.

Thereafter, I spoke to Sh. Mohinder Prakash ji, Deputy Director, WC-1, Horticulture department of Noida authority since the toilet is located in the park of block F – 1 of sector-12, Noida but Shri Mahendra ji also straightway refused to undertake the responsibilities for the maintenance of these toilets, as per him these toilets are outside of Park boundary so these toilets do not come in his duty/work.

Now it is a great difficulty for a common man to whom he has to approach for cleaning these public toilets.

So under theses situations the matter has to be decided by the Sr officers at the level of CEO/ACEO.

I therefore request them to kindly look into this matter and identify the departments who will take responsibility for maintenance of this toilet constructed by Noida authority for public use in park of F block of sector 12 , Noida at the earliest . The conditions of toilet can be seen in the pictures given here.


Sanjeev Kumar
General Secretary
RWA-51, Noida
Advisor FONRWA