Save Noida’s Eucalyptus Forest and birds from concrete jungle.

India’s development is doomed in the Barmuda Triangle of Engineers, Contractors & Bureacrates. Noida’s Eucalyptus Forest between Sector 137 & 93 is the finest example. The forest has become dumping yard for all plastic wastes. Noida Authority is constructing Concrete Jogging Track which is harmful for knees & shin. It has further created a Concrete Jungle in the name of Nature Park. It is the glaring example of Engineers, Contractors & Bureacrates nexus who are spending crores of rupees to create concrete jungle. I have visited many Nature’s Park in US where there is no sign of brick or mortar. Everything is natural. Even picnic benches & tables are made of logs. Office is in log cabins. And here the entire land is covered with brick & mortar in the name of Nature’s Park. I am amazed why National Green Tribunal is not taking note of this wanton destruction of natural habitate which homes more than 50 varieties of birds and also Neel Gay. I hope NGT and Ministry of Environment take note of this destruction and do something to preserve the natural habitat by stopping dumping of plastic waste. The natural water bodies have dried up and the same are being filled with construction debris forcing the water birds to migrate.
Pls save birds & other creatures from this concrete jungle.