Thieves snatch away senior journalists cell-phone in Noida!

(02/04/2018) Noida :

On late Sunday night, thieves snatched away the cell-phone of a senior journalist in Noida’s sector 63.

As per information, Bureau Chief of National Daily Pankaj Parashar was speaking to someone outside his office situated in sector 63 when two bick borne men snatched away the cell-phone.

The place of incident is in close vicinity of a police post, which also didn’t act as a deterrent for these anti-social elements.

Phone and chain snatching are most common crime in the Noida district, which go unchecked in most cases hence enhancing the confidence of the culprits.

Despite having most advanced surveillance technology of the state, police officials apathy to crack such cases have only contributed to exponential increase in number of incidents, many of which go unreported.