Noida is a classic example of Urbanization without Planned Growth of Supporting System

Col P Chandra

Noida : Due to short sightedness and lack of relevant competence of Noida Authority the city is suffering from *Urbanization without Planned Growth of Supporting System*

A growing city like Noida needs *Well planned support system.*

The bureaucracy has failed miserably in its duty of creating a well balanced support system for Noida. Noida Authority can not manage even the parking facility in Sector-18 without unecessary confusion. Garbage disposal isdue is not being addressed holistically. So how can a citizen have faith in Noida Authority?

*Without waiting any further UP Government should hire professionals to create, operate and maintain all civic facilities.*

*A Peoples’ movement is required to demand this change from UP Government*

Col P Chandra


    Yes UP Govt required to hire the professionals for modernisation of society. Simultaneously the 70% of population are not civilized they don’t know use of the house keeping equipment which are presently available.
    The policing also required to impose heavy fine for misuses of facility equipment and not obeying the rules . Heavy policing is required for only 5yrs after that Indian people shall be habituated in maintaining the discipline.