The meeting was jointly attended by 34 societies with 60 representatives out of the 47 member societies of NOFAA. Also present were Board members of NOFAA. The meeting was held at HCL towers sector 62.

Some of the highlights of the discussions which happened today were :

1. New NOFAA members were welcomed and introduced by Rajiva Singh to all present . Rajiva Singh informed the members on the progress made by NOFAA on addressing the waste management issues in Noida . Also thanked members for participating in the poll on water tariff hike . The poll number had crossed 1000 mark .

2. Fire fighting and swimming pool licences :

Discussions were held on the challenges being faced by various societies on the compliance of fire fighting and swimming pool norms in high rise buildings .
While handing over the societies the builder obtains a compliance certificate issued from the fire fighting department , but in subsequent year the same society becomes non compliant because of number of shortcomings as per these departments.
The majority of the members felt that the safety of the buyers/ residents was being put on stake by the builder as well as the the firefighting authority .

Because of this the RWAs and AOAs have to go thru great inconvenience while getting the licence renewed .The house agreed we jointly take this up with DM , CEO and authorities

3. Shri Amit Gupta briefed the members on the steps taken by the Noida authority after his continuous follow ups with noida authority on
a. traffic management ,
b. U turns in appropriate locations ,
c. automatic broom machines to manage dust on Noida roads d. Developments of green belts
e. Pollution monitoring station at three location .

The house greatly applauded the efforts put in by Shri Amit Gupta.

4. Shri Sanjeev Dixit and his team informed the house on their struggle and protest on the proposed garbage dumping ground in sector 123 . Shri Sanjeev also informed the members the negative attitude of the authority by not providing time for meeting and discussions . To this Shri Amit Gupta assured the team to help in organizing a meeting with Chairman / CEO Noida to take the discussions forward .

5. Shri Vinod Agarwal shared the plans for tree plantation across Noida . A detailed plan will be shared by Shri Vinod shortly . He shall be the NOFFA SPOC for coordination with the authority and societies for tree plantation . Shri Amit Gupta showed his willingness to be part of this campaign

6. Shri Rajesh Sahay addressed the members of the way forward and short term ( 3 months ) action plan .
A. Social causes like blood donation camps in partnership with Rotary Club
B. Discussions on with Vedanta hospital for body parts donation campaign .
C. Taking forward NOFAA campaign on waste management and a clean noida

7. Shri Ashok Nauriyal appreciated the efforts of NOFAA on waste management and also on the initiative for NOFAAs protest on the unjustified hike in water tariff

8. Prof Ankit shared and important role of social media in provinding visibility to NOFAA in the masses .

9. Shri M M Mathur shared his thoughts on anniversary celebrations and publishing of NOFAA directory and a NOFAA Souvenir magazine

10. Ms Nisha Rai raised issues of encroachment and traffic around 7x societies .

11.Shri J C Kala gave the vote of thanks . Stressed on following points :

a. Best practices and success stories need to be shared by members . A single point of contact along with contact number to be shared , so that all Nofaa members can get benefited out of it .
b. NOFAA should not divert form our prime focus for making Noida clean and green

11. Rajiva Singh thanked Shri Gulshan Dhamija , the host , the entire sector 62 team and members for making the meeting a success

Warm regards,
Rajiva Singh
President NOFAA