Noida Authority approach to the multi level parking is irrational and undemocratic

The appeal of "democracy" is broadly defined as equality of conditions and end of hierarchy. Democracy opposes unlimited power to any organization or individual. It allows the civil society to generate an "Idea" and build your world in accordance with the idea.

*Never have we known a man to walk on his head!! But Noida Authority is doing exactly that.*

*Its approach to the multi level parking is irrational and undemocratic. The parking was made with public money. It was meant to ease parking and promote business in Sector-18.*

*And what has Noida Authority achieved? It is destroying business in Sector-18 due to its ever increasing desire to milk money from public. And the parking problem has taken a new avatar!!*

*Dostoyevsky has mentioned in one of his treaties – "there is no soil, there is no people, nationality is just a certain tax system!!". How true even in today’s context.*

*Keep on walking on your head Noida Authority. You have a reverse Midas Touch.*

With Regards
Col P Chandra (Retd)