My experience with Noida MLA @pksbjp Office

I met Shri Pankaj Ji yesterday, in his office. As always, it was a very pleasant experience to have interacted with him regarding issues of 7X sector.

I was very happy and impressed to know that his office maintains a detailed list of issues pertaining to different areas of Noida and also monitors the progress. He himself remembers many of the important points in detail.

I have no hesitation in saying that we have found a sincere and hard working peoples’ representative. He is genuinly interested in our problems and makes sincere effort to resolve them. I wish him all the best.

And finally, the ladoos, offered in his office to all the visitors, are very tasty. Even if you do not have any specific work, just drop in and meet people who come there. The atmosphere of his office is very pleasant, with positive energy all around.

With Regards
Col P Chandra (Retd)