Who says what on long power cuts in Noida and PVVNL functioning

“Sector 36 also having long power ,so much for their preparation for summer .Every village has electricity it was 8n every news ,either our electricity has-been transferred to villages or they must be referring that every village has electricity pole but we need to hunt for the electrical power for that pole“ Dr Anju Pachauri

“A little wind is all it takes to being the supply to a halt. In today’s modern times. When there is so much of technology & ways to do everything. Still this system seems too outdated. With underground cabelling things should be better managed. Message to Uppvl executive engineer sir, since there is yet again one more long power cut at night. Sir very sorry to say. But even after whole day of being affected by long power cuts. There is no respite at night too. Even at this time. There is no supply from the last almost 1 hour. Seems we have gone back several years in terms of power distribution.” Noida resident Tanmay Shankar

“बड़ी अजीब सी बात है चौड़ा गांव में बिजली और सेक्टर 22 में नही??? यह तो बिल्कुल उल्टा दिखाई दे रहा है। कुछ गांव वासियो की शिकायत रहती है कि सेक्टर मे बिजली होती है पर गांव मे नही ???” एम सीं भारद्वाज CMA