Noida’s terrific traffic jam at Sector 51 , anyone there to manage it ?

The S.P. Traffic,


There is always traffic jam at Hoshiyar pur T – Point , Sector-51, Noida. This is the main bottle neck on this route which is main road or can call it highway as it link city centre, sector 37, one side and connecting to Greater Noida West , sector 62 and sector 75 etc. on other side.

Usually there is no traffic police personnel on this point after 6:00 pm. Today (24-5-2018) in the evening around 8.30 pm there was massive traffic jam as usual. It was a shocking experience when I found that two fire brigade vehicles were stuck up in the jam.

I informed Sri layak Singh ji, who immediately sent staff to control the traffic. It was very difficult for the staff to clear the jam.

Sir, It is essential that some staff is posted at this T- Point on regular basis. The main traffic violators are motor cycle, three wheeler, E- riksha and Cycle – Riksha.

They do not obey the red light at all and consiquantly traffic jam. It is , therefore, requested to please look into this seriously and post traffic staff on regular basis upto 10:00 pm which is the peak time on this road.

*🙏🏻🙏🏻Special thanks to Sh. Layak Singh ji (one man army of Noida traffic police) who immediately responded and sent the staff* .

Thanking You

Sanjeev Kumar
General Secretary
Advisor FONRWA.