Noida sector 44 – category B town in the interiors of UP.


Noida : As a resident of Noida. I feel there is tremendous bias by the Noida authority/ Work circle engineers as to the upkeep of the various sectors and now within the sectors too ….!!
Our apartments “Stellar Greens “ are situated in D block sector 44. But just outside the apartments, gives you an impression you are not in noida but a category B town in the interiors of UP. Why: becoz since ages:

Footpaths are broken.
Road dividers broken.
Their grills broken.
Old light posts still not removed from the dividers.
Drains covers missing & not put after several reminders.

Wild bushes in Abundance & horticulture seems never visited here in ages…..?
Although there is a big ground opposite our apartments where the current CM yogi ji promised a sea change of development in noida before Bjp came to power. Now this area only waiting to see that change.

One flat sold here fetches noida authority several lakhs in terms of 5% TM and 5% registry cost. Whereas hardly anything noticeable has been done in this part. I keep on reading in this group that area PE MR Pokhriyal visits A, B, C ( kothi blocks of sector 44 ). Whereas even after several letters , msgs & calls. We are yet to be graced by his visit to see the ground reality prevalent. Hope after this post we get to see some positive changes ..