Mann Ki Baat – In Save Noida Forest Group

By Sugyan Modi

1.I have just returned from site.
2. NA officials also left site 20minutes ago.
3.It appears they are under tremendous presser after NGT hearing.
4.As per reliable source all cutting machines have been removed from the site and ‘Road Building Machines are also lying covered .

Now I wish to make my personal comments for everyone’s consideration:
1. I am resident of Omex Forest Spa and I am 80 years old.
2. Today (3rd September,2018 ) I have taken round inside the City Forest opposite to Tower B and C of Omex Forest Spa.
It was my First Visit to Inside Forest.
3 I was delighted to see that hundred of Neem etc etc amongst minimum one thousand trees are still in tact.
Number of birds are still enjoying here .
4 हिंदी में कहूँ तो इतना घना-सुन्दर वन सौभाग्य से अभी तक हमारे लिए ससम्मान सिर ऊपर किये खडा़ है.कतारबद्ध गिलहरियों की दौड़ और चिड़ियों व अन्य पक्षियो का सुमधुर कलरव सचमुच रोमांचित कर देता है.
25 व 28 को ‘मारे गये वन ‘ को देख मन जितना चिंतित हुआ, आज के’ जिंदगी विभूषित घने वन’को देखकर मन प्रफुल्लित हुआ.
5. मैंने सुबह चलते-चलते 30 मिनट की अपने फोन से
वीडियोग्राफी भी की है.
अब मै मूल बात पर आता हूँ:
1.As an Indian citizen every citizen has Fundamental right
under Article 21 of India’s Constitution- ‘Right to life’.
and every citizen has ‘Right to live in Clean and healthy environment’
above rights are covered under Forest Laws etc.etc.
2. We have right to approach NGT/Higher courts etc. etc. to protect our Right.
3. I would suggest to approach any appropriate authority who can summon Noida Authority/Noida Forest/Forest Ministry of U.P./Central Government.
4. We may devude matter in TWO Parts:
Destroyed City Forest (NGT have already served summon ok NA/Local Forest Department.
(ii) Existing ‘Live City Forest’.
(a) We should demand Videography of Live City Forest under Monitoring of appropriate authority.
There should be counting of remaining Trees.
+((c) There should be Stay for Cutting Further trees.
+(d) No Cutting machine/equipment should be allowed to enter site.
+(e) Security should be provided under supervision of appropriate authority.
Above are few thoughts for consideration.