Government Senior Secondary School and Colleges in Noida & Greater Noida

By Rajiv Goyal
Sector 12

Hon’ble CM of UP in 2007-12 had provided 4 schools of national standards in noida & Greater Noida in the name of Balak and Balika Inter College where many poor students have benefited. It was our hope that considering overall increase of residents / villagers in GB Nagar, in every government, 4 such schools shall be constructed. Accordingly, 4 schools of 2012-17, and 4 schools of 2016-22 are to be constructed by 2022. Afterall, residents of this district, specially villagers, cannt be left into hands of private schools only.

Similarly, Authorities must also increase number of degree /post graduate colleges in both cities , affiliated with GBU , to provide education to atleast 10000 students of district who are dependent upon only DU.

I am hopeful that Authorities will give due consideration to education & healthcare need of district either by direct funding or by state / central funding or in PPP