Increase In The Number Of Traffic Violators Due To e-challan System : Traffic Police Noida

Noida, (1/12/2018) : Noida traffic police has booked almost 5 times more traffic violators than last year riding on speeding and wrong side driving.

The traffic police firmly believe that the rise in challans is due to the e-challan system which was installed by the traffic police on expressways, highways and elevated roads.

Last year total of 1.24 lakh challans were issued by the traffic police, while this year saw a huge increase in numbers which is almost 5.4 lakh challans.

Traffic police have issued over 1.7 lakh challans for over speeding, and around 74,510 challans for wrong side driving. The reason for being fined have also seen a change, earlier riding without helmet topped the list, but for this year it has been over speeding and wrong side driving.

Assistance traffic inspector Avinash Saini said that “tracking down violators is much easier now with the e-challan system, where constables are equipped with mobile phones and an app that enable them to fine violators on the spot”.

Experts termed this e-challan system as an “invisible enforcement” and called for an increase in ground work for an increase in impact of this system.