District Administration To Slap Fake Call Centers Under NSA, To Deny Bail

Noida, (6/12/2018): Scam call centres in Noida district have become a menace for the image of the country. Reaching to US and European countries, scammers are running the business from just a flat or a room.

These call centres make a fool of people in the name of lucrative holiday packages, insurance plans, easy loans etc. These call centres have become such a problem that a team from the FBI and Canadian Police flew to the city and appealed to the SSP Ajay Pal Sharma to rein them in.

Keeping this menace in mind the district administration is planning to charge these fake call centre operators under National Security Act (NSA).

District Magistrate BN Singh said, “the district administration is taking strict action against the fake call centre operators and are planning to charge them under the NSA because such call centres are ‘tarnishing the image of the country’.”

Under the NSA charge the accused can not apply for bail.

The district administration wants to slap them under NSA because if they got the bail, they will become a threat to the society and may get involved in similar criminal activities if not charged under NSA.