RTI to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) by RWA, Sector-51, Noida.


As we all know that NMRC Aqua line was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Yogi Aditya Nath jee on 25 January 2019. This line start from Sector- 51 Noida to Greater Noida, Noida depot station.

Similarly DMRC extended its station from City Centre sec-39 Noida to Sec-62, Noida and the trial was also started on this line, within a month this line will also be inaugurated.

It has to be pointed out here that earlier the name of Sec-51 metro station was in the name of sec-71 Noida but it was changed to Sector-51 on our request as the station was constructed on the land of plot number E-1 Sector 51, Noida. For this our RWA requested to Noida Authority & NMRC for the change and both the authorities considered our genuine request,now the station is named as Sector-51 metro station Noida.

It has again pointed out here that both the station NMRC station and DMRC station are constructed on same plot that is E-1, Sector 51, Noida.

We already requested to Noida authority and DMRC in 2015 and till now we have written many letters for the name change of metro station, sec-52 Noida but till now no action has been taken by DMRC and Noida Authority.

On the bases of above facts we want to know the following points:-

Question-1 : When Metro Station,Sec-52 Geographicaly is situated on plot no. E-1, Sector 51 Noida then how could its named as Sector-52 metro station.

Question -2 (A): When Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) change the name of Sec-71 to Sec- 51,metro station. Then why DMRC did not change the name of sector 52 metro station .

(B) As per Geographically and physical position it is situated in Sector 51 Noida then why it is named as Sec- 52 metro station.

Question -3 (A):Is it possible,on same plot two metro stations are constructed by different name of different sectors.

(B) Is it not misguiding to the passengers who would be using the station for change over to Aqua line.

Question -4: As we all know at Noida botanical garden, Metro Station two Metro lines are coming one is blue line another one is Magenta line and the name of metro station is one i.e. Botanical Garden.

Similarly NMRC, Aqua line and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, blue line, are coming on same plot E-1 Sector-51, Noida then why the station names are different.

Question -5: Is it possible to change the name of metro station of sec-62 to Indirapuram. If No then why the name of Sec -51, is named as Sec- 52.

Question -6: DMRC has named the metro station in Noida on the basis of Heritage of Noida, old places and physical condition/geographical location, just like Botanical Garden, Golf Course, etc than why similarly Sec 52 metro station name was not changed to heritage of Noida children’s park, Sector 51, Noida .
It is being pointed out here that this station is constructed on the land of children’s park, sector-51, Noida.

Question -7: In gurugram also Rapid Metro and Delhi Metro both metro stations are laying on Sikandarpur and name of the Metro station is also named as Sikanderpur Metro station, similarly Aqua line of NMRC and blue line of DMRC is connecting on plot no E-1, sec-51, Noida and
NMRC has already changed the name of metro station then why DMRC has not changed the name of this metro station.

Sanjeev Kumar
General Secretary
RWA-51, Noida