Repeated theft at DMRC Godown via children’s park of Sector-51, Noida and police department is helpless even after many attampt and complaints by RWA & NO FIR till now.

Sh. Sanjeev Kumar General secretary of RWA SECTOR-51,Noida informed to the ten news that even after many complaints by RWA sector-51, Noida Police department is not lodge any FIR against any one. This is the Sixth attampt by thieves at this godown and RWA-51 requested everything time to police station, sector-49 but not a single FIR has registered till now by police department.

He further informed that on 25th March 2019 at 9:00 p.m I (Sanjeev Kumar, General Secretary, RWA-51, Noida) received a call from security guard of children’s park, the guard informed to him that the gang of thieves is again active and a theft of iron plates and other iron material from DMRC godown of Sector-51 is in progress.

He also informed to me that he tried to resist and stop them but they abused him and beat him up.

Immediately I called chowki incharge Shri Kailash Yadav ji and PCR 💯 too.

Police Dial hundred reach to the children’s park after 40 minutes but the thiefs had ran away at that time due to siren of police vehicle.

At 9:20pm again our security guard of children’s park informed me that they all have came back and again proceeding into the park and jump towards metro gowdon.

Now I request to S P City ma’am for help. She was kind enough and attended my telephone and listened patentily and instruct the SHO 49 for all kind of help.

Sh. SHO telephoned me and send PCR- 17 to the park for help.

I also informed the security agency of IRON MAN. They immediately sent the QRT- TEAM for help the security guards.

Both the police and QRT- Team of iron Man security agency reached on the spot with in 10 minutes but the thieves had ran away by jumping the iron grills of the park.

The QRT- team of security agency found 2 no’s of iron grills/rods from the spot (park).

This is for information that in our children’s park there are only two security guards deployed by Noida Authority.

one more thing I have to add here is that, in our children’s park there is no electrical supply from last 2 months as the light was disconnected by UPPCL department due to non-payment of electricity bill by horticulture department of Noida Authority.

We had requested to the Chairman & CEO and General Manager Sh. Rajeev Tyagi ji of Noida Authority regularly but no action till now to restore the electric supply in the park.

Thanks to S.P.City Ma’am , SHO-49, chowki in-charge, sector 51 and QRT- team of iron Man security agency for immediate help and response.


Sanjeev Kumar
General Secretary
RWA-51, Noida
Advisor, FONRWA