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Gautam Budha Nagar Lok Sabha Election 2009

Polling date is Thursday the 7th May 2009

Dr Mahesh Sharma (BJP), Shri Narendra Bhati (SP), Prof R C Tomar (Congress), Shri Surendra Singh Nagar (BSP) and 22 other candidates are in fray.

Gautam Buddha Parliamentary Constituency has five assembly constituencies viz Noida, Dadri, Jewar, Khurja and Sikanderabad.

Shri Deepak Aggarwal, IAS, District Magistrate, Gautam Buddha Nagar, is the Returning Officer. He is being assisted by ADMs, SDMs in superitendance and conduct of Polls...



In a four-cornerred contest at Gautam Buddha Nagar who would win?

Noida, April 29 (IANS) It is a four-cornered contest in the prestigious Gautam Buddh Nagar Lok Sabha constituency, commonly known as Noida, and the chorus that all the parties are facing, irrespective of their platform, is the clamour for greater development - power, water, better roads and law and order.
Mahesh Sharma, 48, of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Surendra Nagar, 44, of Uttar Pradesh’s ruling Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Ramesh Chand Tomar, 59, of the Congress and Narendra Bhati, 50, of the Samajwadi Party are in the fray in the constituency which was reserved for Scheduled Caste candidates till the last Lok Sabha elections.

Apart from them over 20 independents are fighting the polls.

The constituency includes the boomtowns of Noida and Greater Noida, apart from Sikandrabad, Khurja, Dadri and Jewar. Noida and Greater Noida have large urban populations while the rural population is confined to villages in the assembly segments of Khurja, Sikandrabad, Dadri and Jewar.

“Since the seat has become general for the first time, all poll equations have changed. Now it’s an open fight between all the candidates,” Vikas, who is handling his father Ramesh Chand Tomar’s poll campaign, told IANS.

Tomar has won Lok Sabha elections four times on the BJP ticket - thrice from Hapur - but he switched sides after the party refused him the ticket.

Yuvraj Singh, BJP’s election agent in Noida and a close aide of party candidate Mahesh Sharma, owner of the Kailash Hospital, said: “At present we cannot say who will win the elections. If Bhati is leading in Sikandrabad and Nagar in Dadri, we are ahead in Jewar, Khurja, Noida and Greater Noida.”

“Tomar is banking on Rajput votes, the largest among the other voter castes in the constituency,” Singh said.

According to some rough estimates provided by the political parties, the Gautam Buddh Nagar constituency has around 1.53 million voters. Out of this around 1.2 million voters reside in 900 small and large villages. The remainder reside in apartment complexes and genteel neighbourhoods of Noida and Greater Noida.

Rajputs are said to occupy nearly 300 villages with a ‘vote bank’ of nearly 350,000 people. They are followed by 225,000 Muslims and 180,000 Gujjars. Around 80,000 voters are from the Jat community.

“We are banking on 80-90 percent of Rajput and 70-80 percent of Muslims votes. And we have support of other castes as well. If our calculations are right, then we will win with a large majority,” Vikas Tomar of the Congress added.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati and former BJP leader Kalyan Singh, now in the Samajwadi Party, are also proving crucial factors in the elections.

Mayawati hails from Badalpur village of Gataum Buddh Nagar and Kalyan Singh has a large following among the Lodh community. He is telling them to cast their votes in the name of the Samajwadi Party candidate who is a Gujjar.

“Poll mood is in our favour. We are fighting elections on the development work carried out by ‘behenji’ (Mayawati) in the past two years,” said Nagar of the BSP, who also comes from the Gujjar community. Nagar, a businessman, has hired a public relations agency to manage his campaign.

Since the population is distinctly divided into rural and urban, all the candidates are campaigning among rural voters on weekdays and addressing the urban populations of Noida and Greater Noida on weekends.

“For the rural population, we promise electricity, better roads and better compensation to farmers from whom land was acquired at cheap prices. And for people in the city we promise to fight law and order problems, unemployment and corruption,” said Congress candidate Tomar.

1.Voter Guidelines

2. Form 001A For Inclusion of Name in Voter List..Page 1

Form 001A For Inclusion of Name ion Voter List..Page 2

3. Form 001B For Corrections in Voter Cards. whose name exist in the voter List

4. Uttrar Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2009 Schedule

5. Do you know this?

(a) If you are already issued with a voter ID card (Electors Photo Identity Card), it is mandatory for you to carry it on the day of voting. However, if it has not yet been issued, you can carry any other approved identity proof document instead. So, if you don’t have one right now, no need to rush for it! You can anytime apply for it post elections!

(b)If at all, you wonder that the polling station would be ‘too crowded’ on the day of voting, then let us inform you that every polling booth can have maximum 1200 electors . What better assurance do you need for not standing in long queues?!

(c) What’s even more convenient is that you won’t have to travel any long distance to reach the polling station because these polling booths are so set up that no voter will have to cover more than 2 kms .

6. Why we must vote?

In economics consumer is a king, in politics he is a king maker once in fiye year if he votes...

Noida Greater Noida gives highest reveune to State...why not higher voter turnout by Noida Greater Noida Voters?

On 7th May President's vote, Vice-President's Vote, Prime Minister's Vote, Chief Justice of India's Vote, Farmer's Vote, Labourer's vote and your vote has same value.

Huge public money, time, talent, enegy, resources,l logistics etc is pumped to conduct the elections...preparations are made assuming 100% voter turn out....Why not make fuller utilisation of our national resources, time and energy, by casting our vote.

Literate person is a person who can read - write and vote.

Past data has revelaed that lowest strata of our society, villagers and slum dwellers voter turn out is higher. Will the great Indian Middle Class in Gautam Buddha Nagr will act this time?


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