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      Illegal Swimming pools: A live Threat for society

      Before you take a cooling plunge into well tiled swimming pool make sure that the very swimming pool fulfills all safety guidelines, as there are many which do not fulfill the safety norms. Gearing up to ensure safety to all swimming lovers and to minimise the accidents that usually occur during swimming sessions, the District administration has ordered seizure of all swimming pools falling short on the safety standards laid by National Swimming Association (NSA).

      For this purpose, the administration has constituted a team, comprising of— Chief Medical Officer (CMO), District Sports Officer and Member of Swimming Pool Association. The four member team will keep a check over the illegal swimming pools flourishing during the peak season of summers. The team will work on the behest of City Magistrate Sanjay Chauhan.
      “The team will scrutinize all the existing swimming pools in the district (Noida and Greater Noida). It will make sure whether swimming pools are fulfilling the safety norms or not,” said Sanjay Chauhan, City Magistrate, Gautam Buddha Nagar.

      The recent orders, which were shot-off by the district administration, clearly state that the decision has been taken to curb the frequent drowning accidents usually occuring during the swimming sessions. It also states that all existing swimming pools should obtain the license before 15th May. The pools failing to obtain license or found operating without fulfilling safety measures would be seized.

      If the administrative officials are to be believed, there are around half a dozen accidents reported in recent past, which either took place due to the laxity of the pool management or owing to the inadequate safety arrangement.

      The safety guidelines laid by the National Swimming Association states that all pools should compulsorily have proper depth marks, level metre, water filter plant, chlorine plant, adequate number of toilets and should maintain the record of all swimmers. “The most important point is that the pool management should have two life guards, life jackets, stretcher, two oxygen cylinders and artificial respiratory system. The management should also display the number of nearest hospital,” pointed out Suresh Deshwal, District Secretary, SwimmingPool Association, a member of the team. But, call it an ignorant behaviour of the pool managements or the laxity, only handful numbers of swimmingpool operating agencies have obtained license till date. The officials claimed that, there are over 150 swimming pools in Gautam Buddha District. Out of the total numbers, only 40 are registered, rest are being operated without obtaining proper license.

      Expressing concern over the issue, Suresh Tiwari, Member Federation of Noida Resident Welfare Association (FONRWA) said, “The illegal swimming pools are live threat to the society. People, before getting enrolled, must ensure whether the swimming pool is certified or not. People should inform the administration in case they found any lacunae in the safety arrangements of the swimming pools”.


      No helmet No Gautam Budh Nagar

      Next time when you go to a petrol pump make sure that you and your pillion rider is wearing a helmet. In view of the rising road fatalities, the district administration has ordered all petrol pumps not to entertain the two wheeler riders’ not wearing helmet.

      After the traffic police department failed miserably in making helmets mandatory for two wheelers, Deepak Agarwal, District Magistrate, Gautam Buddha Nagar, on Thursday, shot the order to all petrol pumps to not to sell petrol to the two wheelers riders not wearing helmet. The move is considered to be the most unique move, initiated till date to inculcate road safety awareness among the people. “Only those wearing helmets will get petrol. The petrol dealers are requested not to give the petrol to any of them coming without helmet,” said Deepak Agarwal, District Magistrate, Gautam Buddha Nagar while addressing the meeting with petrol pump dealers. “In whole exercise, the petrol pump dealers have an important role to play to make it a real successful,” Agarwal added.

      The administration is also planning to hold a meeting with management and deans of all the colleges established in Noida and Greater Noida, asking them to display a copy of this new order on their bulletin boards to make the students aware of this new enforcement. Besides, the RWAs’ and other social organizations will also be included in the move to publicise this enforcement to make people aware.

      “We can’t enforce the things bluntly; there is a proper procedure involved. And going by the procedure we are roping-in the schools, colleges, RWAs’ and other social organization to make people aware. The college goers are the most frequent two wheelers users and are also the most common victims of road accidents thus we are emphasizing more on the colleges and schools.” said Agarwal. He said, the order would be implemented from 3 May onwards.

      The decision in this effect has been taken in order to curb the case of road accidents, which has become an order of the day. If the sources with the SSP office—which maintains the data of the road accidents—are to be believed, the numbers of accidents have been reached up to alarming level.
      The district Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida and Greater Noida) recorded over 105 accident cases in past three months, which is far above the normal level. “Out of the total numbers around 90 accidents were fatal, which claimed the life of many people and most of them were the two wheeler riders,” said sources with the SSP Office, Noida.

      Commenting over the move, Avdhesh Vijeyta Superintendant of Police (Traffic) said, “It’s a unique initiative. It is expected to bring down the accident graph up to much extent. Parallel to it we are also conducting special drives to create awareness among the people and to make this initiative successful”.

      However, the move has brought much relief to the people of both the cities (Noida and Greater Noida), who hailed the initiative and said it would be going to ‘One of the most effective move ever’. Surendra Bhati, a resident of Delta I, Greater Noida, whose son is also a college-goer said, “Being a father it’s very distressing to hear of road accidents. But, now I can heave a sigh of relief. I am sure that now helmets will be in the priority lists of the youths. Wear helmet if you want petrol.”

      Fact file-
      -As per new order wearing helmet is mandatory for a two wheeler rider and his pillion rider to get petrol.
      - District Administration has ordered all petrol pumps not to sell petrol to those coming without helmets.
      -Administration is also roping-in the College management, RWAs’, Social organizations to make people aware of this new enforcement.
      -Decision has been made to curb the rising road fatalities.
      -As per the records, the District recorded 105 accidents in past three months out of which 90 of them were fatal and claimed life of many two wheeler riders.
      -The order will be enforced from 3rd May onwards.


      Chavanni Chhap...

      When was the last time when you bought anything worthwhile with a 25 paise coin? Perhaps two or even three decades back when you bought a bunch of coriander leaves or a box matches with a coin. The Finance ministry, a couple of days back has finally decided to phase-out the circulation of 25 paisa coin from June 30 onwards considering it a ‘waste’. No doubt a coin that cannon buy you anything at present should be phased-out. But ask any person who is in his forties of sixties, he or she will be full of nostalgia for the 25 paise coin. “When I was in school the coin had a great value for me and the same continued till I started earning”, says KL Bhatt, a retired accountant. I roughly remember in mid eighties, I lost a 25 paise coin while returning home during the night in an unlit street. Next day I got up early in the morning and went to the street to fetch the coin. I was on cloud nine when I was able to find it, says Bhatt recalling the days of the past. For Bhatt, 25 paise meant a lot when he was growing. He said he used to give 25 paise to the Ikka (horse cart) driver as a fare from Srinagar to Kashmir University that is nearly a 4 kilometers stretch.

      Apart from having monetary importance in the past, the coin shares the same in religious too. The coin was broadly used in offering charity funds to please almighty. The sava rupya prasad was must while offering prayers on Tuesdays at Lord Hanuman's temple says RK Jain, who is running in his seventies. Jain, who was a teacher termed the banning of 25paise coin a sheer assault of religious sentiments of the people. "No offering would complete without 25paise. it has its great religious importance", said Jain.Jain, who witnessed the golden era in 1956 and later, when a 25 paise coin was enough to buy a ration for a month, a bucket full of vegetables or 500 grams of Jalaeby—all time favorite of young and old alike— said anyone who witnessed that era can never forget the photographic memories attached to a 25 paise coin. “It’s impossible for me, and I think the same for others” said Jain while going down the memory lane.

      R B sharma, who was a lecturer in a prominent college and witnessed the importance of the coin in 1964 said he used to get mere 50 paise (two 25 paise coin) a day for delivering lecturers. “Those periods were really unforgettable,” said Sharma.Sharing his childhood incident with us, averred, once while he was returning from the school, he found a 25 paise coin on his way to home. “I was so excited that instead of keeping the coin in my pocket I kept it in my mouth,” he said with a smile and a shine in his eyes as if he is still in his childhood days. “I did so thinking it would be more safe in my mouth rather than in my pocket,” added Sharma.

      Apart from the memories, banning of coin would also bury down the songs—the legends of India cinema—which portrays importance of Chavanni (a 25 paise coin). The songs like ‘meri chandi ki chavanni’ of movie Chandan, ‘paise ka geet sunane jao chavanni walon’ were some of the great hits of that time.

      The decision of banning a 25 paisa coin was just like several other decisions for the ministry which it announces everyday but this one is surely an unpleasant surprise for the people. What is good with the decision is that now people don’t have to bear the slangs like chavanni chor, chavanni class, chavanni chaap etc which were often used by the friends to tease or to reflect the cheapness of an individual, as the coming generation would be completely unaware of the coin and so its relation with the slang.