GNIDA Stops Second Attempt to Occupy Land for Gita Event

Noida, (28/12/2018): Noida administration is taking steps to stop religious practices in public parks.

On Wednesday, a group was stopped by the GNIDA from staging Bhagwat Katha.

The same group of people were stopped again by the GNIDA, who were trying to organize a Bhagwat Katha. They tried to set a stage but were thwarted as GNIDA team intervened.

GNIDA officials were informed about the second attempt by local residents, who had filed a complaint earlier against efforts by “outsiders” to encroach on the vacant plot. The plot has been earmarked for a religious place of worship but hasn’t officially been allotted yet to anyone.

A resident of sector 37 said “they started putting up the tent and occupying the space. When confronted, they said they had got permission from GNIDA. We informed GNIDA. The encroachers failed to produce papers upon which the encroachment was removed.

A senior GNIDA official said, “we have launched an exercise to identify places which are encroached in the name of religious activities in the city. All the plots will be freed from squatters”.

On last Friday, employees of two companies were also being stopped by the Noida Authority in sector 58, Noida, from offering Friday prayer.