Noida Authority

Dear Sir,
I live in Aditya Urban Casa in Sector-78, Noida. This society is located on Plot GH 01B and presently does not have Association of Apartment Owners. So the builder is responsible for maintenance, including sanitation and garbage dispisal. There are around 250 families living in this society (around 1000 men, women and children)
*The builder does not take his sanitation responsibilites seriously. The garbage collected from flats is stored in the basement where cars are parked. The garbage keeps lying there for many days and rots giving foul smell*.
We have been complaining to the builder but to no avail. *The builder is not concerned about the consequences of creating such uhhygenic condition*.
*In view of the above I want to draw the attention of Noida Authority towards this serious issue. We also request the Health Department to take cognizance of this very unhealthy practice by the builder*
*Kindly take appropriate action as deemed fit, to alleviate this problem before it results into actual spread of deceases in the society*.
I am attaching a photograph of the garbage dump which is now forming since last few days.
With Regards
Col P Chandra (Retd)
On behalf of residents of Aditya Urban Casa

  • Prakash Chandra

    This is a very unhygenic practice by the builder. Obviously the builder is not worried about the consequences. Such garbage dump within the premises will soon become a breeding ground for rats and flies. This garbage dump will soon be cause of vector borne deceases which will affect the residents and children. Is the builder listening?

  • Abhishek Misra

    The situation now is unbearable, and will soon become a public health crisis. With the whether changing and Dengue/Chickengunia/Malaria being major concerns for health. The builder is playing with the lives of the residents. Request DCEO, Health Minister and other health agencies to intervene and save us and our children’s lives.
    Resident of Aditya Urban Casa

  • Neeraj Malhotra

    This builder is not at all serious and playing with the lives of residents.Even after repeated requests thìngs have gone from bad to worse.

  • Prithviraj

    The water leakage, the foul smelling and un-cleared garbage have made life very miserable for the residents. Garbage collected from resident flats is dumbed to basement near lift area, lies for weeks which become breeding place for flies and mosquitoes. An epidemic is expected any moment due to the unhygienic conditions here…

  • himanshu garg

    Utter nonsense and in sensitiveness shown by the builder towards the residents residing there. This builder should be punished and Noida Authority/DM of the district should take strict action against the persons involved in it. They have no rights to play with the lives of residents.

  • Neeraj Malhotra

    The builder is just enjoying the huge heep of money collected on the pretext of advance maintenance collected for 2yrs and wants to run the amenities from the interest amount. Seems we are living in a society which is not regularised but a slum with lots of littering and no hygiene. The kids are exposed to diseases and amenities will not come besides many follow ups and reminders telephonically or mails. Either the builder and his representatives are deaf or are pretending to be so….. Besides the point highlighted in the media earlier also Aditya Urban Casa remains to suffer at the hand of builder on many more issues… Project not delivered as per plan, lifts not installed and in poor condition, posing risks to the lives of residents, no greenery maintained, pathetic security, besides populated society heeps of construction material lying around at many places….The list is endless .

  • S K Kulshrestha

    Very poor housekeeping and maintenance, I will never prefer to buy in aditya builders / agrawal associates property. They are cheating customer.

  • Pramod Singh

    The situation is worse. Despite repeated requests the builder is doing nothing on this issue.

  • Shalabh

    Even after several reminders, there is no response from the Builder. The advance maintenance charged was way too high & despite that the facilities provided are pathetic. Builder should be suitably penalized by the relevant authorities!!

  • Manju Negi

    NOIDA authorities may please visit Aditya Urban Casa to see its paethic condition . The garbage is being dumped in the basement. Moreover, there is always a leakage where the fire fighter is installed. The builder or its members do not care at all. Very very poor house keeping. After spending a huge amount, the life of its residents is at risk.

  • Saurabh Bhatnagar

    The situation is becoming really unbearable with its foul smell.We are sitting very close to the day when maximum number of chickengunea/dengue/malaria cases will be reported from this society.Request concerned authorities to take appropriate action before such a garbage becomes a major issue for the health of the citizens of the society.

  • Manju Negi
  • Komal

    Builder is not serious about the hygiene of society. This is disgusting to see how maintenance is nil in Aditya.

  • Manju Negi
  • Prakash Chandra

    This is the photograph of the garbage dump. Soon it will become breeding ground for rats and flies. But builder is least botheted. Filing complaints has no effect on the builder. Sanitation department should send an inspection team immediately.

  • Shashikant Sharma

    We lived in ADITYA URBAN CASA
    Sector 78, Noida and are deep concern as there is foul smell due to daily collection of Garbage from the flats and dumped in the basement of the Society, especially below the H block .
    There are water leakage also in basement, resulted damage my car. I complaints to the people concern but of no avail .
    Despite many complaints verbally/telephonically no remedial action has been taken so far .we paid huge amount on account of 2 years advance Maintenance amount, but builder unable to perform their duties well.
    The Garbage not cleared from basement for several days resulted breeding flies and Mosquitoes.
    Appropriate authorities are requested to take strictly action against against builder.
    In addition to Garbage, construction materials also lying many places around society, especially in front of H Tower entry. Lifts are also in poor state/condition. No passage between Sethi+ Amrapali and Aditya+Mahagun.
    Please take necessary action .

    Shashikant Sharma
    H 603 Aditya URBAN CASA
    15 March 2017 .

  • Prerna Mathur

    The hygiene of the society must be taken seriously and must be addressed immediately.