*Subject: Training camps for GST to the traders of the entire Goutam buddh Nagar will be organized as GST KI PATHSHAL Fedration of traders and industrial and jewellers associations of Gautam budh nagar*

Today, the Chairman , Board of fedration of Trade Industrial and Jewellers associations of gautam budh nagar Mr. Sushil Kumar Jain informed that traders and industrialists jewellers from across the country are being added on a single platform through the various social networks, small and medium businessmen are invited at various places to train for GST as the Government of India is going to impose new tax we will provide information to traders and hearing problems of traders which is going to be implemented from July a program to provide more information *GST KI PATHSHALA* to be organised all over District Gautam Budh Nagar .The new indirect tax system is bringing some new challenges by the GST where small traders, it will provide many new faciliteis and business opportunities. Many of these things are not available to the traders in the existing VAT, excise or service tax, experts say that by the turnover of Rs 20 lakh, the traders will be free from the GST, but even after coming into its realm of Rs 1.5 crore turnover they will get many concession They have special arrangements for even paying taxes and filling returns.
GST expert *Sushil Kumar Jain* told, 50 million bucks simplified composition scheme of GST for traders with turnover has a special attraction. Under this, a fixed percentage (1%) of tax on the declared turnover, according to the fixed rate, because such dealers will not get input tax credit on the tax paid, in this case it is most suitable for those small retail shops, which Directly sell goods to the final consumer, not those are value additions. He said that for the first time restaurants (50 lakh turnover) has been exempt from the dual burden of VAT and service tax with the bringing under the scheme, only 5 per cent tax.
*Sushil Kumar Jain said,On the implementation of GST, 2 percent of the interstate sales tax were not allowed credit by central sales, in lieu of which the input tax credit will not be available, but the credit will now be received on the paid IGST*

So far, ITC was not available on excise and service tax, which will now be available. ‘
Experts say that till 1.5 million turnover, the traders do not have to put the Hormanised System of NonConnect (HSN) code in their invoices, whereas for the traders upto 5 crores in two points and its big traders in four digits It is mandatory to write code that VAT returns have the option to write item code, in which the traders in the country are quite oppossed by the business community.
The traders struggling with the pending VAT refund can also get relief for years, like the GST, the deadline for refund has been fixed at 60 days, after which the government will have to pay interest, exporters will receive 90 per cent of their refund within a week. Will the traders comply with the state government to turnover of Rs 1.5 million and a provision to appoint them *GST facility center rules and tax returns preparers .All features of GST-N rules facilitation center* GST related returns refunds etc to any trader will be provided.

At the same time, a demand note to the council of GSTN of the Government of India will be presented to oppose to GSTN problems. and the legal rights given to the authorities such as fir penulties to send the businessmen jails.

Sushil Kumar Jain