A guy arrested for operating an fake call centre

A 21-year-old guy was nabbed on Sunday for allegedly operating a fake call centre and cheating people of lakhs of rupees on the pretext of offering shopping discounts.

Police got a tip-off about him that he is operating a fake call centre with name of Amazon shopping. As per the information police raided his house in Block E of sector 3 on Sunday evening and nabbed him. He was latter identified as Pawan Mishra. For the past three months. He had roped in 15 people, mostly women, to make calls to people outside DelHI-NCR, the police said. While Mishra was arrested, all the employees were let off.

“The callers were questioned about the call centre’s operations, but they did not know the motive behind it. They were given jobs from ₹8,000 to ₹12,000 a month,” Sector 20 station house officer Anil Kumar Shahi said. Shahi said the accused would procure database from the market. “There are many touts who sell customers’ data for anything between ₹20,000 and ₹50,000. Such database helps callers to lure customers by offering discounts on electronic goods, such as television and mobile phones,” he said.

“They were operating a call centre by the name Amazon Shopping. They would lure customers with offers and get money transferred in e-wallets; later Mishra would discard the SIM cards. We had done a recovery ₹1 lakh in cash, 14 desktops, laptops and phones,” Shahi said. Mishra is a student of the Delhi University and has completed his first year BA. The police said Mishra came from Bihar a year ago and started living in Jaitpur area of Badapur, Delhi. He worked at a call centre in Sector 4.