Rajiv Goyal

FONRWA should remain as citizen body to safeguard its interest, to find solutions with NA & politicians, while working as non -political forum. As PM said , we have to work as sewak and not as malik.

My suggestion is that anyone who is there in FONRWA as office bearer for 3 yrs should not remain as office bearer and work as an ordinary member.

The designation of FONRWA should not be "President" but "Mukhya Sewak". I really surprise while getting messages of sector RWA elections and announcement of posts.. it really sounds as stinking smell of power.

Let’s remove this stinking smell from associations. I don’t know, whether there are financial transactions also in RWAs. If someone want to work for society where is the need to get designation in RWA. Whom we want to impress upon.

Frankly speaking, more fights to grab positions in RWAs, more it will dilute its position among administrators.