Relief For The Homeless, Night Shelter Facility To Start From 1 December

NOIDA, (29/11/2018) : As the temperature started to fall, the problems and the misery of the homeless people rise.

Without having an option, they only have the roadsides or open areas to sleep.

In Noida, these people can be seen in various parts, sleeping in the open area including sector 15 and 16 and Atta Peer Chowk.

Seeing the misery of these people Noida Authority plans to set up temporary 60 bed shelter in Noida Stadium in sector 21A.

This shelter will open from 1 December 2018 in which the homeless can spend their nights.

Talking to different NGO’s we came to know about the problem of lack of information and awareness among the poor and homeless.

Mala Bhandari, founder of Social and Development Research and Action Group (SADRAG) said, ”these facilities are not availed properly as many homeless people have no information, the authorities should involve NGO’s to reach out to the people whom these homes are meant”.

NGO’s can also help in arranging basic necessities like woollen clothes, blankets etc for them.

Rajesh Kumar Singh an officer of Noida Authority said that, “the structure of the shelter is almost complete with basic facilities like drinking water, blankets, bonfire facilities and some toilets in the premises, and will start from 1 December to 28 February

“The night shelter can accommodate around 60 persons at a time. The authority will monitor the shelter home and maintain its maintenance”, he added.